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FranchiLaw eNews - April 2017

26 Apr 2017

The latest edition of our eNewsletter has just been published. In this edition, you can read about the woman who was ordered to pay a massive parking charge after ignoring hundreds of parking tickets. This case has clarified the law in Scotland in relation to private parking charges.

We also look at the latest tax changes in the buy-to-let property market with a link to a range of case studies outlining the impact these changes will have on letting businesses.

The latest change in Inheritance Tax came into effect on 6th April with the introduction of the new residence nil rate band. This was announced in the Budget last year and provides a tax free allowance starting at £100,000 this year when you leave a property to a direct descentant on your death. This is in addition to the current personal nil rate band that stands at £325,000. It's not as straighforward as you might think,though,so it pays to ensure you're Will is in order and that you take professional advice to ensure you can take advantage of this allowance.

Our final article in this edition looks at buying and selling a business with a reminder that it can pay dividends to speak to your solicitor as early in the process as possible - if you don't your best laid plans might just go "bang".

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